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NetExpress Europe (NEE) is an established network of key express carriers across Europe. NEE was formed in PARIS, France, in 1999 when 5 companies were instrumental in forming an alliance to provide a truly Pan-European Road Express network. Today NEE is made up of 18 express carriers operating in their own domestic markets.

NEE offers a standardized service regarding products, service levels, tracking & tracing and daily departures on a cross-border basis. Moreover we offer a service (inclusive customs clearance) to nearly all countries in Europe that are not a part of the European Union. The result is a first-class network with a proven track record of service quality and performance reliability.

Key dates

2016 Start of the NEE Agent for UK & Ireland – Aramex
2015 A new NEE Agent for Poland - DCS Domestic Courier Service.
2013 Starts of a new delivery partner in Great Britain and Ireland.
2012 Postnord becomes the new NEE representative for Scandinavia & the Baltics.
2011 NEE implements a new quality control system. Meanwhile the network serves 30 countries inside Europe.
2010 CARGOS (Moldovan) join the system. RABEN takes over the SETTO business in Czech Republic.
2009 NEE celebrate its 10th anniversary with all partners.
2007 SEL Slovakia Express Logistic become agent for Slovakia.
2006 INTERLOGISTICA (Bulgaria) are joining the system.
2002 New product EUROBAG is launched. ONTIME LOGISTICS (Austria) is joining the system.
2001 STRECK TRANSPORT AG (Switzerland) is joining the system.
1999 NetExpress Europe G.E.I.E. is founded in Paris by the companies CALBERSON (France), SEUR (Spain), GEL (Germany) and TARGET EXPRESS (UK). SCHIPHOL EXPRESS is joining NEE as an agent for the Netherlands. In total 8 countries are served
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