FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Send a Package

Q : How do I arrange to send a shipment using NetExpress Europe?

A : A simple and quick way to send a shipment is to contact our local partner. As we are operating from more than 800 depots we are just a few steps away from you.

Q : Can you tell me what time my shipment will be collected?

A : To gain information of when your shipment will be collected please contact your local partner. He will be able to discuss special arrangements, also if you need late pick-ups or any special services. For a quick answer please have ready the booking reference number (if applicable), Company Name, Account Number, Town and Postcode.

Q : How long will it take to deliver my shipment to another Country once it has been collected?

A : Click Transit Time Map for further details.

Q : How do I find out about shipping hazardous goods?

A : We are sorry, but NetExpress Europe does not transport shipments containing hazardous goods (ADR).

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Track Shipment Status

Q : Can you tell me when my shipment will be delivered?

A : To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your NetExpress Europe barcode number or your domestic shipment number. Alternatively, contact our customer services team using the contact us link.

Q : How can I re-arrange a delivery of my shipment?

A : If the driver has already attempted delivery and left a card, then please contact your local depot to arrange a new appointment. If the driver has not yet attempted delivery or you do not have a card, click contact us and your request will automatically be forwarded to the sending country.

Q : Can I collect my shipment from your depot?

A : Yes, you can pick up your shipment in the depot. Please make an appointment early enough, prior to the shipments arriving with you for delivery.

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New Customer

Q : How do I set up an account with NetExpress Europe?

A : Click contact us and type in your name, company name, telephone number and postcode so that one of our team can get back to you. If possible please send us details such as weight, dimensions and destination country.

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Creating Shipping Documents

Q : What documents are needed to accompany my shipment?

A : For all shipments within the European Union there is no need for special documents or NetExpress Europe waybills. You local partner will inform you about the procedure, but normally it is the same way as for a domestic shipment.

Q : I need to send a shipment to a destination outside the European Union, so it must be accompanied by a commercial invoice. How should it be prepared?

A: You can find clear guidelines for preparing commercial invoices and further requested customs documents on our Customs Guidelines page.

Q : How do I check the tariff code for the shipment I am exporting?

A : We would advise you to contact your local customs office or to visit their website in your home country.

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Size and weight limits

Q : What is the maximum size and weight per packing unit ?

A : Within our NetExpress Europe STANDARD service we have a maximum weight of 1.000 kilos. The maximum size per packing unit is 300 x 120 x 170 cm (length, width, height). Shipments exceeding these dimensions might be forwarded by prior arrangement. You can find more information on Service Portfolio.

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Contact NetExpress Europe

If you need further assistance please complete our contact us formyou’re your local NetExpress Europe representative will contact you.

Q : I want to give NetExpress Europe some feedback, what do I do?

A : Click contact us to give us your feedback.

Q : How can I speak to a specific person at NetExpress Europe?

A : Click contact us and type in the person´s name that you need to contact and one of our team will be in touch with you.

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