Established in July 2004, DCS is a licensed forwarding company. Our long-time experience gathered over more than a decade of providing domestic and international road transport and forwarding services makes us a credible and trustworthy partner for clients throughout Poland and Europe.

What we offer

  • a guarantee of a professional service
  • reliability
  • a full range of services
  • safe and fast deliveries of goods
  • a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet
  • competitive rates

Our team

DCS’ professional team of forwarders are perfectly organized and highly competent to fulfil your orders, even under intense time pressure. Our reliable and trusted carriers enable us to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our informal structure allows us the flexibility needed to respond to customer needs and promptly cater to even the most unusual requests resulting from the specific business demands faced by our customers.

What we can offer

We specialize in delivering partial- and full-vehicle-load shipments. Take advantage of our diverse fleet of vehicles having a range of loading capacities and payload space arrangements, including controlled-temperature shipping. Our high-powered team is prepared to provide dry ice shipping for you at home and abroad. We have the requisite knowledge, the dry ice and the specialized packages needed for that purpose. The goods we move invariably reach their destinations safely and on time. For the duration of their journey, they are covered with the forwarder’s and carrier’s liability insurance.

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