Invoices and customs documents

A shipment of any type that travels only within the European Union does not need a commercial invoice. Please provide a commercial invoice and possibly customs documents for any shipment that is not a document which will travel outside the European Union.

Which documents do I need to ship outside the European Union?

Please contact your local customs office in order to find out the exact paperwork you need for your export shipment. This might vary depending on the destination and value of your consignment.

Shipments with commercial value might require to be accompanied by an export declaration (EX1) or a EUR1 form. These documents always have to be originals and can´t be copies.

In order to create your export declaration, please notice the following information:


  • Office of exit: SE060340 Svinesund, Sweden
  • An EX1 is needed for ALL shipments
  • The SNI/HS-Code must be written on the invoice
  • “The Exporter of the products covered by this document (customs authorization No. …) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of preferential origin” – this text must be written on invoice.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo:

  • Office of exit: SI001123 Obrežje, Slovenia
  • To all countries except Croatia we cannot ship other than parity DAP.


  • It is only possible to send shipments with parity DAP.
  • Office of exit: ROIS0100 - Albita, Romania


  • Office of exit: DE004062 Rheinfelden-Autobahn, Germany

You are always welcome to contact your local NetExpress Europe partner who will be happy to support you in all customs matters.

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